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Grade Point Averages

Grade Point Averages 

What is GPA? 

Grade point average (GPA) is a numerical summary of your grades from high school. 

It is used to determine class rank. 

Colleges use rank and GPA to compare you to other applicants.

How is GPA determined? 

“Points” are assigned to the grade you earned in a class. 

You receive points for each semester average. 

Use the scale in the GPA Scale in the Student Handbook or JR/SR Handbook.

The GPA Scale 

GPA is on a 4.0+ weighted scale. 

Regular classes use the “regular” scale. 

More difficult classes use the “advanced” scale or the “honors/GT/AP/Pre-AP” scale.

GPA Terms 

Grade Points
A 4
B 3
C 2
D 1
F 0


  Quality points 

GPA: Grade Point Average
Quality Points: A numerical value assigned to each of the letter grades “A” – “F”.  Refer to the table to the right.
Attempted Hours: The total number of hours a student attempts during a semester.